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Wings of Freedom

Currently obsessing over Shingeki no Kyojin

Levi Ackerman - Humanity’s stongest

person: who is your favorite avenger?
me: Sasuke
person: what
me: what

Mister….. Elephant……

Yana Toboso’s Black Butler Artbook Vol. 1 / Noah’s Ark Circus Arc

This place is off limits.

Noiz & Aoba || DMMd ep. 03

Track: exactly what you think it is
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Ah, so I have finally finished these, and now I shall share theme~ Affectionately termed as “Fairy Tail Girl Huggies,” these will be available as mini prints at Zenkaikon at my art table with my two besties. Keep an eye out for “Magical Kitty Studios,” ‘cause that’s where we’ll be!

Mini Prints now available!

There’s no mistake.. They’re definitely brothers.
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